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Peter Wiesböck Produktmanager

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Parcel Management System BEDAL

For automatic parcel weighing and measuring

Bedal is a professional measuring and weighing system for parcels. The measured data are digitized and automatically transmitted to various end devices or systems. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the measuring and weighing system precisely, reliably and quickly determines the desired dimensional and weight information and transmits it digitally and error-free to your respective system.

Highlights of BEDAL

  • Quick and accurate dimension and weight data capture
  • Automatic digital transmission of the data
  • No media disruption - no manual data transfer
  • Error-free operation and elimination of carrier penalties due to incorrect weight or dimensional information during dispatch
  • Documentation of each process
  • Automatic image capture of the parcels
  • Intuitive operation
  • Time saving: a shipping process takes only a few seconds
  • Easy connection to PCs, tablets, notebooks, network and printers (e.g. USB)

parcel measurement 2.0

Bedal significantly increases your productivity in shipping parcels. Manual measuring, weighing and capturing packages was yesterday! The automatic package scale measures, weighs and records the package data automatically and without errors!

product video: Parcel Management System BEDAL